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For some inspiration - the Gallery page includes photographs of previously hand painted adaptations and commissions. To give an idea of what can be achieved.

Cow Lane Adaptations

Farmyard tiles with sheep

Sitting Pigs Adaptations

Sitting Pigs on hand painted tiles
Hand Painted Farmyard tiles

Farmyard Scene Adaptations

Watermeadow Scene Adaptations

Hand painted Pig tiles
Farm animals, hand painted tiles

Farm Animal Adaptations

Hand painted farm animals above a kitchen Aga

Special Commissions

Cow Lane


Change the Friesian Cows to a different breed, or change to Sheep. Many of my clients like to include their own Dogs or even their own tractor. Click here to view the original 'Cow Lane' on the Catalogue page.

Hand painted tiles with Cows

Limousin & British Blue Cattle have replaced the Friesian Cows. Along with my clients farmhouse and dogs.

Cow Lane special adaptation, hand painted tiles

Dexter bullocks have replaced the original Friesian cows. My clients own background scenery, farmhouse, sheep, pony and dogs make this a truly personal scene.

Milk Cattle scene kitchen splashback
Kitchen feauturing hand painted country tiles

A smaller version of the Milk Cattle scene. Showing my clients beautiful modern kitchen, where style meets tradition.

Hand painted single chicken tiles
Hand painted tiles, sheep walking down a country lane

Suffolk Sheep have replaced the cows in this adaptation of 'Cow Lane'. Lilac was added to the hedgerows to tie in with my clients Aga, and a selection of single tile Hens & Cockerels complete the theme.

Hand painted farmyard tiles

My clients Herdwick sheep, 4WD, dogs and house complete a personalised Cow Lane adaptation.

Sheep Lane tiles as kitchen splashback above Aga

Several sheep breeds have replaced the Friesian cows. Along with my clients stunning background scenery, dogs, horses and tractor.

Sitting Pigs


Make the Pigs larger, smaller or add some Piglets. This scene works especially well when a larger space needs to be tiled.

Click here to view the original 'Sitting Pigs' on the Catalogue page.

Hand painted farmyard tiles with pigs above an Aga in the kitchen

Sitting Pigs with Rhode Island Hens.

Sitting Pigs and Piglets, hand painted tiles

A lively adaptation of 'Sitting Pigs', complete with Saddleback and Gloucester Old Spot piglets.

Hand painted country tiles Sitting Pigs

A smaller version of ‘Sitting Pigs’.

Shown with blue background hedges and green grass.

Hand painted Sitting Pigs and piglets, shown above an Aga as a Kitchen splashback

A larger version of the 'Sitting Pigs' panel complete with Piglets.


The 'Farmyard Scene' can be altered in many ways. Numerous variations can make this a very personalised scene.

Click here to view the original 'Farmyard Scene' on the Catalogue page.

Farmyard Scene
Hand painted farmyard country tiles

A new forest background scenery with my clients own barn, dogs and hens make a personalised Farmyard Scene.

Farmyard scene with blue tractor

My clients beautiful Irish scenery. An old blue Ford tractor and a variety of animal breeds makes a stunning adaptation of the 'Farmyard' scene.

Farm Scene variation, hand painted tiles

Based on the original Farmyard scene, using photographs of my clients background scenery, Hereford cattle and two dogs.


Change the White Park cattle to a different breed, or include animals of your choice.

Click here to view the original 'Watermeadow scene' on the Catalogue page.

Watermeadow Scene
Long Horn Cattle, Hand Painted Farm Tiles

An adaptation of the ‘Watermeadow scene' depicting ‘Long Horn Cattle. Shown on 4” Tiles.    

Pigs on hand painted tiles
Pigs and chickens on hand painted tiles

A colourful adaptation of the Watermeadow Scene. Each scene was placed either side of a window.


There are many combinations to choose from, including changing the background setting and adding breeds of animals of your choice.

Click here to view the original 'Farm Animal' range on the Catalogue Page.

Farm Animal
Hereford cattle on hand painted farmyard tiles

Herefords and a Piglet hand painted onto a Sitting Pigs background.

Friesian Cow lying above Aga, hand painted tiles

Not exactly an adaptation of my Lying Friesian Cow panel; but an inspiring installation, using dado moulding, along with metro / subway tiles.

Sussex Cockerel with hens on hand painted farmyard tiles

A 4 tile Light Sussex Cockerel with hens. An alternative to the 'Farm Animal' range.

Geese on hand painted tiles

A 9 tile Geese panel. Surrounded by plain off-white tiles.

Hand painted Maran hens on tiles

An 8 tile mini scene depicting 'Maran Hens'

Designed to compliment the 'Farm Animal' range.

Hand painted country tiles Suffolk Ewes

Tying in with the ‘Sitting Pigs’ we have a pair of ‘Suffolk Ewes’. Any combination of animals may be used in this way.


A selection of paintings created using my clients own photographs and ideas.

Special Commissions
Harvest farmyard splashback tiles above a kitchen Aga

'Harvesting' sets the theme for this stunning scene. Hand painted from a photograph.

Hand painted farmyard manor house

My clients beautiful house, garden and dogs. Hand painted from photographs.

Traditional hand painted farmyard tiles above a kitchen Aga

Stunning Welsh scenery with Welsh Black Cattle hand painted from photographs.

Hand painted countryside farmyard tiles

Idyllic Welsh countryside complete with my clients own sheep.

Black labs and Friesian Cows Cow lane

My clients beautiful background scenery, complete with village church and two black Labradors.

Friesian Cows and Collies outside a Farm House - Hand Painted Tiles

Friesian Cows, Border Collies and my clients own Farm house make this a personalised scene.

Hand painted farm kitchen splashback tiles above an Aga

My clients own design. Hand painted using personal photographs; make this a charming special commission.

Hand pained sheep scene above an Aga

Suffolk Ewes and a Bluefaced Leicester personalise this country scene.

Hand painted country tiles Prize Long Horn Bull

A stunning hand painted commission of a prize ‘Long horn’ Bull.

Hand painted country tile scene, farmyard animals

A stunning personalised scene. Hand painted using my clients photographs and design.

Sheep in beautiful countryside, hand painted on tiles

My clients beautiful surrounding scenery, hand painted from photographs.

Hand painted country tiles Hares running

‘Hares’ in a wheat field,  hand painted from pictures collected by my client.

Black and White Cockerels and Hens on Hand Painted tiles

A selection of Black and White Cockerels and Hens sets a distinct theme.

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