The whole process begins with the size of your space to be tiled.  We can then discuss your layout preferences and favoured design. A sketch is often useful when measurements are non standard, or you would like to see a variation of breeds of animals for a particular scene. 

Once you are satisfied we can then advise on an expected delivery date - which is usually around 3 weeks.

All designs are hand painted onto an unglazed (bisque) tile, using underglaze paints.

The tiles are then kiln fired to stabilise the paints before hand glazing with a transparent glaze.

Once the tiles are dry they are loaded back into the kiln and fired to over 1060c. This ensures a lasting, durable, ceramic surface. 

The whole firing process takes well over twenty four hours as the kiln must be left to cool naturally - this avoids any possible cracking of the tiles.

The kiln is unloaded when cooled and your beautiful tiles emerge.

They are then ready to be packed and dispatched via courier.



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