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I love to hear that my clients are always happy. They often express delight and are overwhelmed with appreciation. It makes my dedication so worthwhile.

"Hi Sharon

The tiles are now up and they look fantastic, just as I'd imagined it looking. 
Thanks again for such lovely artwork, we are very happy wi
th our country scene.
Kind regards"

Sue H

"Dear Sharon,

We are completely in love with our tiles - thank you for taking such care with all the details - It is wonderful to hear visitor’s exclamations of wonder and amazement and to tell them all about you and to direct them to see your website. I also enjoyed reading all about you and your work - you must be so busy.

Love and huge thanks again for providing such happy memories of our old home…"

Margaret M

"Hi Sharon

The tiles arrived early this morning, I unwrapped them and set them out. What I wasn’t prepared for, was how they would affect me … I was nearly in tears!

My husband isn’t usually lost for words, but he too got all choked up, especially with the Collies and the lovely little details with the Bees and Dragonflies.

We are some very satisfied and happy customers of yours. They are absolutely wonderful!

Kind regards"

Jane & Richard F


We have finally sorted our kitchen and have our tile scene in place and it looks absolutely fantastic! We are over the moon with it!

The colours look so lovely and it brings us so much pleasure every time we look at it.

Thank you so much.

Very best wishes"

Amanda B

"Dear Sharon,

Thank you so much for providing us with this mural, which will give pleasure for years to come.  

We are absolutely delighted with the result and in particular, your additions of the extra cows!  It really is a work of art and not only beautiful but immensely practical as well.  

Best wishes and thanks again"

Rita & Arthur L

"Hi Sharon  

They have just arrived, WOW happy is not the word! Absolutely fantastic love them the attention to detail what a talent.

Again, thank you so much"

Matt P

"Dear Sharon

As you will see from the attached, we have now completed the application of the tiles that you produced for us, and we are delighted with them! 

We found the whole process of working with you throughout their creation a real pleasure and the changes that you were able to make to them has definitely enhanced the end result. (Missy looks magnificent).

Thank you so much for the time you were willing to devote to making them special for us. I think the end result says it all. Lovely tiles and very happy customers.

 Kind regards"

Keith & Sue M

"Hi Sharon,

The kitchen is finally finished! It's been worth all the hard work to see it and finally have a kitchen I've always dreamed of! I've always wanted a farmhouse kitchen and your farmyard tiles finish it off perfectly!"

Sue & Steve T

"Hi Sharon

My tiles arrived safely this afternoon and I couldn't resist unpacking them.  They are amazing!  As soon as they are up I will send you lots of photos.

I won't forget you though and meantime a thousand thank you's.  We absolutely love them.

Best wishes"

Jackie W

"Dear Sharon,

I hope you like it as much as we love it.

Again, a BIG thank you for not only your professionalism but also for a painless dealing with you.

We will certainly recommend you.

Best regards"

Agnès M 

"Hi Sharon 

Just wanted to say the tiles were delivered on Monday super pleased with them they are brilliant thank you very much.

Kind regards"

Harriet H

"Hello Sharon 

We’ve finally got there and are delighted with the end result. The pigs are the piece de résistance! 

Many thanks.

Kind regards"

Janet C

"Hi Sharon

Just to let you know I posted my tiles on social media over the weekend and they were loved… hopefully you may receive further interest for your business."

Katie S

"Hi Sharon,

Well, all I can say is Wow!! I'm literally over the moon with them, thank you so, so much. Cannot wait to get them on the wall, and will definitely send a pic through once they are on. Cannot thank you enough!"

Lindsey B

"Hi Sharon,

As promised a picture of the Piggies in their new home.

I'm so pleased with the way they look, adds a bit of character to my new kitchen and they make me smile whenever I see them.

Also a big hit with all my friends.

Anyway, thanks again for the wonderful service.

Best Regards"

Debbie M

"Dear Sharon

Finally had the kitchen decorated so could send you a photo of the tiles! We are so delighted! Absolutely perfect!

Thanks again!"

Tanya B

"Hi Sharon 

Just received my tile scene. Absolutely over the moon with it. It looks brilliant. Will put it up in the kitchen and take a photo, then I'll see what it looks like to order a couple more pictures.

Thanks again"

Alison H

"They have arrived! And they’re absolutely fantastic! Thank you so much for doing such a fab job on them."

Jenny J

"Hi Sharon

I thought you might like a couple of shots of the tiles now the lighting has been installed EVERYONE is massively impressed and rightly so It’s BRILLIANT!

Very best wishes."

Louise S

"Hi Sharon,

Just opened the tiles and laid them out on the floor, amazing! Really thrilled, can’t believe how you did the dogs!

Many, many thanks from one thrilled customer!

Lots of love"

Helen G

"Sharon I honestly burst out crying (I am a softy!) I absolutely love them thank you so much!"

Aimee P

"Hi Sharon

I just wanted to let you know that the pigs arrived safely.  Now all I need is to be able to come to the UK to bring them home

Thank you so much for giving such fantastic service too.

Warmest regards"

Vanessa J

"Hi Sharon,

The tiles are now in place and it looks fab, thank you so much. We are really pleased with it and the builders and electricians have all been looking at it and saying how fab it is too!

Thanks again for your wonderful work"

Veronica N

"Hi Sharon,

I love my pigs! Thank you so much! They look wonderful in situ.  Can't wait to cover the house in them.

Best wishes and thanks"

Su W

"Thanks for the tiles Sharon, they are wonderful - we are a good month away from having them fitted, by the looks of progress this week and I will look forward to sending you a picture when complete. 

Best wishes"

Miles W

"Morning Sharon

I am delighted with the panel, delivered yesterday and can't wait to see it in the kitchen in France!

Merci Beaucoup!

Best wishes."

Sue S

"Hi Sharon 

Wow it looks great I’m very pleased. Thank you very much you are a very talented lady.

My very best regards."

Paul S

"Hi Sharon, 

They are absolutely beautiful, I am beyond thrilled and shed a tear when I saw them (in a good way)

Thank you so much.

Very best wishes"

Amanda C

"Hello Sharon

I have finished putting the tiles above the Aga; plucked up the courage and did it myself in the end. I love them.

Thanks again for using your talents to create something that will be the centre-piece of my kitchen for as long as I live!


Linda C

"Dear Sharon,

Herewith the full effect of the sitting pigs and hens! They look quite magnificent and we are delighted as I am sure you must be too.

Thank you so much for the care, expertise and patience over their production. They will give us much pleasure.

With kind regards"

Sian & Huw D

"Hi Sharon

The tiles have arrived safely and they are amazing thank you so much they are perfect!

Kind regards"

Coral G

"Hello Sharon

We now have our tile splashback in situ. We are so pleased with it and is certainly a talking point when people come over. They have asked where we got it from, so we’ve passed on your details.

Thank you once again for the wonderful job you have done."

Jeff H

"Hi Sharon, 

What a beautiful tile arrangement … it is wonderful and clearly so personal to our family. Every detail, colour choice and aspect is perfect. What an intuitive and skilled lady you are!

Best wishes and thanks"

Deb T

"Hi Sharon,

Thanks again, My aunt loves the hen tile portraits I bought her for Christmas.

Thank you"

Miriam S

"Hi Sharon

Just to let you know that the tiles arrived safely.

Lovely as always

Thank you"

Carol D

"Hi Sharon,

The tiles have just arrived; they look absolutely fantastic!  We'll be putting them up over the weekend.

Thanks very much."

Steve M

"Hello Sharon,

All arrived safe and sound. Now spread out in the workroom awaiting me getting the nerve to fit them.

Really looks great, a very nice job.

Thanks from us both."

Michael & Janet O

"Hi Sharon,

I thought you'd be interested to see the scene in situ. Looks great thank you again.

Kind regards,"

Marcin M

"Hi Sharon

Thank you so much for the tiles.

We are really pleased with them and we have had lots of nice comments.

Kind regards"

Laura & Gordon W 

"Dear Sharon,

My pheasants have arrived, they are beautiful and I am so pleased. Thank you very much for the trouble you have gone to.

Best wishes"

Marion R

"Hi Sharon,

I have been away and come home to the beautiful tiles on the wall in the kitchen.

I think that they are amazing and they will give me pleasure for many years to come (although I don't think I will be cooking beef for a while)!

Many thanks"

Jan S

"Morning Sharon,

Just opened your package, they are beautiful, thank you so much!"

Stephen C


The Puffin Scene tiles are now on the wall as a splashback behind the Everhot cast iron range.

They are absolutely fabulous! Perfect.

We are really pleased. Thank you very much."

Mark P

"Good afternoon

Tiles have arrived and I’m so happy with them! They are amazing! 

Many many thanks!"

Angharad L

"Hello Sharon

The tiles arrived today, they are lovely I am really pleased.

Best Wishes"

Mary G

"Hi Sharon

The tiles have arrived safely and we love the scene, your depiction of Paddy and the house couldn’t be more accurate. They are being fitted later this week and I’m sure they will add a special touch to the kitchen. Will send you pictures when they are in place.

Thank you very much."

Kevin M

"I love it! Thank you. Photo to follow soon. Tiler is coming Wednesday to fit.

Wow – Super service.

Thank you."

Nicola G

"Hi Sharon

A big thank you. Absolutely love them.

Best wishes"

Daphne F

"Hi Sharon

I hope all is well with you.

I thought you might like to see the attached photo. Many years ago, you made us the sitting pigs tiles for behind our Aga. We then updated our Aga, added a module and you made the piglets to go behind that.

The latest news is that we just had our kitchen totally redesigned using the Aga tiles as the reference. As you can see, the colours were chosen to reflect your tiles.

So, unknowingly, you have had quite an effect on our lives over the last Goodness knows how many years!

Thanks again

Best wishes"

Bridget K

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